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Student Gold

Student: Amanda Levinaite
School or University: Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

“Every relationship is different,” and that’s what our big winner Amanda Levinaite set out to express.

“Co- is all about strengthening commitment through better communication.”

Amanda’s meticulous and well-designed app was the Board of Directors’ nearly unanimous Student Gold. Have a look!

Learn more about Amanda here.


Student: Berea Ames
School or University: Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Every child learns differently, especially those with learning and/or social challenges. Berea Ames’ “Kiddo” addresses just that with a fun and engaging clothing line.

See how “Kiddo” earned a spot as this year’s Runner-Up!

Learn more about Berea here.


Student: Kelsey Robinson
School or University: Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

The first of our featured players, Kelsey Robinson designed a beautiful set of media in support of the popular Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser for WMSE, a local radio station.

Learn more about Kelsey here.


Student: Mallory Kubenik
School or University: Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Fifty percent of adults living in the U.S. cannot read or comprehend a medication label, so Mallory Kubenik set out to eliminate these hardships with the comprehensive “MyScript.”

Learn more about Mallory here.


Student: Ori Baez
School or University: Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

With “Note to Self,” Ori Baez created a card system intended to help girls from ages 13 to 17 challenge themselves in both unlearning body dysmorphia and building confidence.

Learn more about Ori here.


For years, the Adworkers anticipated October for great work and, if you’re me, even better hangs.

It didn’t matter if you had something in the show (again, me), you knew you were going to have a memorable evening with the entire community.

Of course the true 99 will happen again, but in the meantime, we thought it’d be nice to embrace The Year of the Internet with a virtual showcase. No judging, no awards, just our people coming together to share the best stuff we’ve been working on.


Every professional was allowed up to three submissions with the option to add a personal greeting. The work is in no particular order, can be shared to social and filtered by category or creator, be they agency, in-house team, or freelancer. Like what you see? Tap the ole Adworkers Golden Nut.


Every student submission was judged by the Adworkers Board of Directors to arrive at our Student Gold, Runner-up, and three featured players. First and second-place winners will be awarded scholarship prize money to the tune of $2000 and $500. Congrats to our winners!


Websites are hard. I want to thank everyone who took the time to make some lemonade with us — you, the participants, and the team: Jason Lauritch at Zizzo for jumping in at the last minute, Rachel Bertsch at EPIC Creative and Adworkers consultant (what I’m calling him) Evan Stremke of Manifesto. There are few who’ve committed as much time and talent to the club.

Enjoy in Remembrance

The Ninety Nine Adworkers Showcase is dedicated to creative giant, Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Famer and one of the original Adworkers, Rich Kohnke.

As for what’s next: we’re gonna get back together this year. I can sense it, can you?

With optimism,

Ryan Day
Executive Director