Agency: Traction Factory
Client: Olmsted Medical Center
Project Title: Be Selfish
Category: Integrated or Cross-platform Campaign

Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) is a healthcare organization serving patients in Rochester, MN, and the surrounding communities in Southeast MN. Messaging was intended to be thought-provoking and disruptive, while empowering patients and the community to prioritize themselves in making decisions related to their healthcare.

While embracing the individuality of every patient, our communications were intended to give individuals permission to hit the “pause” button in their life and focus on their own health and care. Our message: “Out there in your daily life, we know how important it is to be focused on doing everything you can for the people you care about. But when you walk through the doors at OMC, we need you to be all about you.”

Campaign materials have driven patient visits and revenue year-over-year. Beyond the business implication, the campaign has led individuals inside and outside of the organization to the realization that being selfish in this context is, ironically, one of the most generous things a person can do.

The campaign was recognized globally for its creativity: Gold Award (3), Graphis Advertising Annual 2021; Silver Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2021.


Executive Creative Director: Peter Bell
Creative Director/Art Director: Steve Drifka
Copywriter: Steve Drifka, Steve Barlament, Ross Lowinski
Retoucher: Christopher Dick
Project Manager: Rachel Beebout
Account Executive: Anna Kohnen
Account Director: Shannon Egan
Photographer: Brett Nadal

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