In-House: The Beacon, Kohler Co.
Client: Kohler
Project Title: Arts/Industry: Talia Mukmel
Category: Corporate Collateral and Comms.

Arts/Industry: Talia Mukmel documents an exploration of identity through art. An interview with Israeli artist Talia Mukmel, the film captures Mukmel’s thinking about her life as a first-generation Israeli and third-generation artist, the process of creating art in the Kohler Foundry, and the unexpected connections art affords. Mukmel brings disparate elements together in her work, honoring the voice of each tool, each material, each shape, and ultimately, creating work that celebrates the conversations that arise.

The Arts/Industry residency program is a collaboration between the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and Kohler Co. Since its inception in 1974, the internationally renowned program has been fostering the intersection of creative practice and industrial process. Artists are given a studio with access to large-scale manufacturing equipment and processes, not to mention production people with years of experience, to create a new body of work.


Executive Creative Director: Camm Rowland
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Beth Bretl
Art Director: Robert Dumville
Head of Production: George Friedman
Sr. Producer: Tasha Peterson
Executive Producer: Tom Kermgard
Director of Photography: Mike Palzkill
Editor: Kyle Stoffel
Production Coordinator: Emily Jeanpierre
Production Agency: Kingdom Filmworks

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