Agency: SRH Marketing
Client: Penta Technologies Inc.
Project Title: Struxi Branding
Category: Visual Identity

When software company Penta wanted to launch their new construction industry toolset, they chose SRH. The platform was designed to empower both job sites and offices to easily track, analyze and manage labor and materials in real time (often a major liability for construction companies). Our assignment was to develop a name and brand identity that would resonate with construction workers and stand apart in the competitive landscape. We named it Struxi, which is Latin for “to build” and gave it the tagline “Software built for hard work.” The logomark uses the dynamic shapes of a buzzsaw to create an “S” — reinforcing the idea that Struxi is the hardest working tool on your construction site. In our brand guidelines the Struxi aesthetic was further developed to feel more gritty and tangible, based on insights which show the primary audience to be generally tech averse. Using powerful, fiery construction site photography, both shiny shoes and muddy boots were pleased.


Creative Director: Sam Hogerton
Art Director: Chris Beanan
Copywriter: Betty Strigens
Graphic Designer: Angela Ryan, Adam Nelson