Agency: SRH Marketing
Client: Verlo Mattress
Project Title: BAMGAM Campaign
Category: Integrated or Cross-platform Campaign

Verlo Mattress is a mattress manufacturer and retail chain with locations across the country. Saying they aren’t known for making beautiful marketing campaigns would be putting it lightly. But they are known for making great mattresses. So when they came to SRH looking for a brand awareness campaign that would finally cut through the clutter and help get them noticed, we took a different approach. We decided to poke a little fun at – even lean into – their history of not-so-great-marketing. Because, with mattresses this great, it’s okay to be a little bad at marketing — thus the campaign name, “Bad at Marketing, Great at Mattresses” or BAMGAM for short.


Account Executive: Julie Stefanski
Creative Director: Kurt Ravenwood, Sam Hogerton
Art Director: Chris Beanan
Copywriter: Betty Strigens
Graphic Designer: Angela Ryan
Editor: Mauricio Alvarez, Leo Fleming