Freelancer: Rebecca Silber Design
Client: TannerFit
Project Title: TannerFit Logo/Identity
Category: Logo Design

TannerFit Logo (project completion, May 2020)
Linda Tanner of TannerFit—a new woman-owned personal training studio located in Wauwatosa, WI—came to me looking for a logo to suit her brand. TannerFit’s target audience is women over the age of 40 who are trying to regain and achieve a personal level of fitness. However, TannerFit serves male clients as well. When I spoke at length with my client, I learned that she wanted her brand identity to convey feelings of empowerment, confidence, and independence. A prior logo version was very literal, a bit clunky, and showed a female figure in a powerful fitness pose. My client was looking for something eye-catching, less literal, more conceptual, and that appeals to a broader audience. The final logo that I designed for TannerFit depicts a simple figure in an active pose. This figure represents every human form. The body of the figure is outlined in different colored leaves, which represent fitness for all seasons as well as vitality and strength throughout the seasons of life. I also worked carefully on the type forms, and achieved both a solid and an energetic look for the TannerFit name that integrates well with the logo art itself.


Graphic Designer: Rebecca Silber

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