Freelancer: Rebecca Silber Design
Client: Milwaukee Public Library
Project Title: Good Hope Branch Grand Opening Poster and Invitation
Category: Logo Design

Milwaukee Public Library contacted me about this project in 2019 as they made plans to open their newest library branch, Good Hope. Construction was underway and the Milwaukee Public was looking for an opening poster and invitation design for the Good Hope branch. Prior to Covid-19, Milwaukee Public Library planned to host a large grand opening event for the Good Hope Branch. As I researched this project, I looked at the branch’s architectural renderings and interior design color palettes to come up with visually appealing pieces that also directly tied in to the new branch’s design. You’ll see in the accompanying photos of the actual library branch that the interior of the library branch has lots of circular forms, and bright jewel-tone colors throughout. I took these aspects and integrated them into a unique and bold design for the accompanying print materials. I also worked on typographical solutions for the text and came up with a bold, engaging type design that doesn’t detract, or compete with, the background design of the poster and invitation. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, these pieces were never printed and the grand opening was done on a much smaller scale.


Graphic Designer: Rebecca Silber

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