Client: MKE Bar Dice Co.
Project Title: Bar Dice Game Booklet
Category: Book, Magazine, or Newspaper Design

Depending on who you ask, milwaukee is either wildly misunderstood, or in the midst of a decades-long identity crisis…Because after all, how could any city possibly both love beer *and* not be a low-brow sh*thole?

Prior to march of 2020, this was a question best left to the philosophers.

Enter: the launch of the mke bar dice co. And it’s home version of the bar game that made milwaukee famous.

Project goal: create a booklet to teach 50,000 dnc visitors how to play a complex game – bar dice – while providing something engaging and uniquely milwaukee enough to take home and share with friends.

Project specs:
– 28 page, 6″ x 6″ booklet
– All original artwork / design
– All original copy.

Page through booklet here:


Illustrator: Sheri Roloff
Art Director/Copywriter: Marko Knezic