Agency: Laughlin Constable
Client: Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group
Project Title: Obsessed
Category: Integrated or Cross-platform Campaign

Project’s intended purpose…
We needed to raise awareness of not just the Jewelers Mutual brand but also the category of Jewelry specific insurance. Most people aren’t even aware of jewelry insurance as its own thing so we needed to establish that yes, you should insure your jewelry and if you’re going to trust someone with it, it better be a company whose sole purpose is jewelry.

Importance of placement of the work…
Online media buy to highly target men who are in the mindset of proposing and women who are newly engaged. There’s a specific time period where the audience is thinking about this sort of need (jewelry insurance) and we wanted to tap into their heightened awareness of all things jewelry related.

Cultural background…
When men are proposing their worldview almost shifts. They go from knowing nothing about jewelry to knowing EVERYTHING. The purchase of an engagement ring becomes an obsession that matches other life stages men have gone through (dinosaurs, music, beer). Same with the brides-to-be. For that timeframe after they’ve accepted their proposal, the ring is everything. It’s shared, loved, obsessed over, to the point where it’s more loved than best friends, the fiancée, even a beloved pet.


Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham
Group Creative Director: Pat Laughlin
Executive Creative Director: Vince Cook
Sr. Copywriter: Dana Kaphingst
Copywriter: Matt Portman
Sr. Art Director: Ruby Christiansen
Managing Director, HIVE: Chris Bing
Content Producer: Lynne Fraser
Sr. Editor: Eric Arsnow
Editor: Frank Sigwarth
Editor: Travis Whitty
Executive VP, Account Services: Susan Stearns
VP Account Services: Kate Raasch
Account Executive: Charlie Murphy, Stephanie Cleary
Chief Strategy Officer: Mark Carlson
Director, Strategic Planning: Tom Curtes
VP, Integrated Production: Stacey Johnson
Director, Integrated Production: Ryan Duffy
Executive VP, Media: Vanessa Watts
Media Supervisor: Kevin Shanley
Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Bennett