Client: Upside Grounds Coffee
Project Title: MOMbie, Bold Betty & Cha-Change
Category: Packaging or P.O.P. Design

This emerging coffee brand began when its founder, a mother of four, started roasting beans in her own kitchen for her signature blend MOMbie—fortified with electrolytes for powering through another day with too little sleep (or maybe a little too much wine) the night before.

Next came Bold Betty, a collagen-fortified blend named for her badass, goodhearted grandmother who could have used a little help keeping her joints healthy.

Here’s where Hiebing first jumped in—to help name the brand and its next blend. So, what to call a line of coffees with a mission to do good while making people feel good? Upside Grounds, naturally. And for the unfortified blend that includes a donation to a nonprofit with every purchase? Cha-Change.

Thus inspired, we got to work on logo and package design and had a lot of fun crafting icons and selecting unique typefaces, patterns and colors for each package while developing a system that informs future design as new blends are added.


President: Dave Florin
Account Supervisor: Justine Rudeen
Account Executive: Sam Marchewka
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Mullen
Creative Director: Sandy Geier
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator: Nathanael Pustaver
Copywriter: Sam Carruthers
Studio Artist: Yahya Rushdi

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