Client: Saris Cycling
Project Title: Know No Bounds
Category: Print Ad or Poster

Whether pedaling to work, training in a virtual environment or exploring trails, Saris has freed millions of everyday cyclists to experience the benefits of riding bikes. However, with a multitude of sub-brands to support, Saris was losing its competitive advantage. So they turned to Hiebing to help rebrand and bring all the company’s enviable product categories—like bike racks, bike trainers and bike storage—under the Saris badge. Unified in the belief that bikes set people free to explore, to move and to connect with one’s community like nothing else can, we developed a new brand idea: “Know No Bounds.” This calls to cyclists of every experience level, size and shape to join Saris in its pursuit of a more bikeable world.


President: Dave Florin
Vice President, Brand Development: Paul Thompson
Account Executive: Sam Marchewka
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Mullen
Creative Director/Writer: Erik Zimmerman
Sr. Art Director: Aaron Randall
Studio Artist: Yahya Rushdi
Executive Producer: Jay Gullixson
CGI Illustration: Planet Moore Productions