Agency: BVK
Client: BVK
Project Title: BVK Rebrand
Category: Visual Identity

BVK is a full-service ad agency that was in need of an updated brand identity to reflect the company’s growth, values and credibility within the industry. Our main objective was to create a fresh aesthetic for the brand. One that is simple, tasteful and highly flexible. One that pays homage to the past while being ready to adapt to the future. The BVK rebrand distills the letterforms down to their essence – a metaphor for how the agency approaches the problems it solves for clients. The full design system was crafted to appear simple and sophisticated, with thoughtful details that bring a bold and youthful irreverence when needed. Along with the new visual language came new brand language encouraging employees to “be a part of the problem.” The rebrand has been widely embraced by employees and clients alike, bringing new energy, excitement and pride to the agency’s culture.


Executive Creative Director: Brian Ganther, Kevin Kriehn
Design Lead: Brian Steinseifer
Copywriter: Nick Marrazza
Designer: Zack Schulze

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