Agency: EPIC Creative
Client: IBVI Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Project Title: Blind Employment Awareness Day
Category: Integrated or Cross-platform Campaign

Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s mission is to provide meaningful employment for those who are visually impaired. While it would be enough to stop there for our purposes, the mission goes further: by manufacturing, producing, and distributing office supplies and mission-critical products for the United States Government and Military.

And yet there are thousands of blind and sight-challenged individuals in Wisconsin that are currently unemployed. IBVI partnered with EPIC Creative to create Blind Employment Awareness Day (May 6) in Milwaukee. It celebrates not only the individuals who make IBVI a special place to work, but also raises awareness in Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond about the incredible opportunities IBVI provides.

Along with a proclamation from the mayor’s office, EPIC developed a multichannel campaign highlighting statistics about blind employment, and inviting sighted and visually impaired people to learn more about the organization.

With less than $500 in ad spend in 3 weeks, the BEAD campaign generated:

  • 58.8K impressions
  • 2.2K engagements
  • 14.4K video views
  • 364 web acquisitions

EPIC Creative