Agency: Bader Rutter
Client: Corteva AgriScience
Project Title: The Growing Debate Podcast
Category: Branded or Co-Branded Content

When most people think of farming, they think of pretty red barns, cows and pastoral fields. But there’s so much more to the story. Introducing The Growing Debate, a podcast that reveals how farming is at the core of today’s most complicated issues. Food transparency, immigrant labor, trade wars, climate change, technology use, suicide, equality and more are investigated and brought to life through the voices and stories of modern farming. All brought to you by Corteva Agriscience, a global agriscience company brave enough to talk about these issues. Don’t expect easy answers from The Growing Debate. In fact, expect to walk away with more questions.


Chief Creative Officer: Ned Brown
Creative Director: Jim Jodie, Cabot Norton
Public Relations: Andrea Larson, Jack Sherman
Editing: Cole Quamme, Liam O’Brien
Executive VP, Public Relations: Allison Madell
Account Supervisor, Public Relations: Ashley Shaible
Designer: Lauren Cook
Executive Producer, Video: Andy Gorzalski
Producer, Video: Jonathan Hanusa, Jess Ayala
Producer, Digital: Michaella Hader

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