For the past 18 years, the United Adworkers have come together to celebrate the best work in our community.

The doesn’t have to change. But just as we rise to the unique challenges of exceptional advertising, adapting to the circumstances of our time is both a reality and a must for the livelihoods of our members and partners.

All right. So The Ninety Nine Adworkers Showcase won’t be about awards this year, but all things considered, we think it’ll be just as rewarding.

Let’s see that work!

Open for Submissions

The process will be a little different this year...

Every submitter – be they agency, in-house team, or individual freelancer – will be allowed up to three project submissions total. Each submission allows for up to ten file attachments.

Participants can also attach a 1-minute companion video to explain objectives, summarize work, or even just to share a creative greeting with our community. (This is encouraged but not necessary, and does not count as one of the ten file attachments, so go nuts!)

Oh, and each submission is free of charge to all members and due by Wednesday, September 30. Not a member? Click here!

*Are you a student? Click below to get your submission details.