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Student Submission

Open for Submissions

The process will be a little different this year…

We know you didn’t have a normal school year, but our annual Student Competition will go on as planned (with a few adjustments). Here’s how it works:

  1. Create and/or submit an individual ad or campaign (there are many categories to choose from). You will be allowed one submission.
  2. Once the submission period is over (9/1 – 9/30), the work will be judged by our Board of Directors.
  3. A Student Gold and Runner Up will be selected.

And now for the adjustments:

  1. You will also be able to attach a 1-minute companion video with your submission to explain your objectives, summarize your work, or simply share a greeting with the community. This is encouraged but not required.
  2. Our Student Gold and Runner Up recipients will be featured on our Ninety Nine launch page to be admired by the community at large. A shareable link will also be available for your work.
  3. Student Gold will receive a scholarship prize of $2000, Runner Up: $500.

Each submission is free of charge to all members — and all Student Memberships are free — so click here to join.


  • Student must have physical representation in Wisconsin.
  • Work created for United Adworkers is not eligible.
  • Specific work that won in last year’s show is also ineligible.
  • All submissions will be reviewed relative to the aforementioned guidelines.

Questions? Email Good luck!

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