MKE Stellar Account Leadership

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Monday October 16, 2017

Hosted at: Milwaukee's Third Ward

1:00 pm — 4:00 pm

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You are invited to Wild Alchemy’s MKE Stellar Account Leadership Class! 

Note: United Adworkers is promoting this event for Wild Alchemy. Ticket sales for this event are not for United Adworkers.

This workshop is designed to help inspire those in project management and account service to rise to a new level of leadership.

OVERVIEW – Monday, October 16th – 1-4pm in Milwaukee’s Third Ward (location given upon registration)

This workshop will provide inspiration, practical tips and new thinking to agency professionals. This workshop focuses on how to incite key 10 degree shifts that lead to extraordinary results through improved clarity, efficiency, productivity and creativity. In short, this session will help you (and your team) DRIVE the process toward amazing.

Half day includes game changing ideas, a handout, and light refreshments, natch.

It will be a wildly good time. Hope to see you there!


This workshop is about raising project management and account service to a new level of leadership. Developed for those in creative development companies who are in an early to mid-stage of their career (although senior leaders have found it to be reinvigorating). Key tenets gleaned from the best in the industry will be shared in an engaging and practical way. The end goal is to provide a solid foundation for doing and supporting great work and avoiding the common pitfalls that get in the way.

Topics include:

Your Ideal Role + Value

Having 10 ft + 100 ft vision

Mastering the Basics of Space + Time

Driving v. Managing

What Do Clients Really Want?

What Does Your Team Really Want?

Stellar Best Practices: Do These Tomorrow

Milwaukee's Third Ward

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