CoPA MKE Workshop: Lightroom 102 - Crafting Beautiful Images

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Saturday August 6, 2016

Hosted at: RDI Stages

1:00 pm — 4:00 pm

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Lightroom 102 – Crafting Beautiful Images

Processing and Developing your images

In addition to Lightroom providing extensive Image Management and Organization features, it also serves as your digital darkroom for processing and refining your images. Using the Develop Module, you’re able to enhance your images far beyond what your camera can achieve alone.

We will learn how to evaluate your photographs and how to make creative processing decisions with time to practice each step. Using your own images with help along the way, you will walk away with hands-on knowledge and the confidence to enhance all of your work quickly and with stunning results.

Workshop Information

Lightroom 102 by Nick Collura is a 3 hour afternoon workshop with two short breaks. Water and Coffee will be provided. Please bring light snacks if you wish. Laptops are welcome but not required.

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