Workshop: Lightroom 101 – Image Management and Organization

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Saturday August 6, 2016

Hosted at: RDI Images

9:00 am — 12:00 pm

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LightroomWorkshop101Lightroom 101 – Image Management and Organization with CoPA Milwaukee

Mastering the Lightroom Library Module

In this CoPA Workshop, we will take a deep dive into Lightroom’s Library module and learn how to use best practices of Digital Asset Management to organize your entire image library. One of the most important and powerful features of Lightroom is its Management and Organizational abilities. By learning the Library module, you’ll spend less time in front of the computer angrily hunting for images, and more time making images.

Workshop Information

Lightroom 101 by CoPA member Nick Collura is a 3 hour morning workshop with 2 short breaks. Water and Coffee will be provided. Please bring light snacks if you wish. Laptops are welcome but not required.

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