Drunk Writers Milwaukee

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Thursday November 16, 2017

Hosted at: Foundation Tiki Bar

7:00 pm — 9:00 pm

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We are surrounded by the environment, but it’s easily missed with the hectedness of life. Let’s stop for a moment and answer life’s deepest questions about the environemnt around us.

Please give a warm welcome to my new friend Lynette Xanders, coming to us from Portland, Oregon. Lynette is an author, artist and entrepreneur and is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Wild Alchemy marketing angency. I had the pleasure of meeting her at one of her workshops earlier this month where she introduced Hemingway’s concept “Write drunk, edit sober” to a group of account and project managers. It was meant to be! Learn more about her here: https://www.wildalchemy.com/about/

Thanks to Adworkers to introducing her to the MKE creative community and spreading the word about this event.

See you in the back booth on TH 11/16 at Foundation Tiki Bar, 7-9pm. Bring a pen and a friend. Be safe, call an Uber. #writeon

Foundation Tiki Bar

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