Account Planning Master Class

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Tuesday October 17, 2017

at the TBD

10:00 am — 4:00 pm

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Account Planning Master Class with Wild Alchemy in Milwaukee! 

United Adworkers is promoting this event for Wild Alchemy. Ticket sales for this event are not for United Adworkers.

Designed for account planners, strategists, and insights people (or those aspiring to be) – come spend a day learning how to find and sell areas of heat to inspire amazing creative. You’ll walk away with tangible takeaways and a fresh approach to accelerate your team and grow value for yourself and your agency. You’ll get the best of best practices across topics things like:

  • Exploring ways to find gold in creative research and strategy without spending a ton of money.
  • Discovering techniques that help you craft amazing brands,
  • and mastering an ideal process that encourages creativity and alignment.

Tuesday, Oct 17th, 2017 in downtown MKE, TBD. It’ll be an intimate setting, not a huge overwhelming convention center soul sucking scene.

$349* includes a 10-4 workshop, lunch and techniques toolkit.

*If you’ve attended past workshops, please email kim@wildalchemy for a $249 ticket code. Thanks for coming back!

Why Milwaukee? Because it has all the ingredients to be the next creative epicenter of the universe and I find playing in that sandbox irresistible. I am compelled to share what I’ve learned in Portland to help agencies navigate complexity, with less effort, while having more fun in the process. I am in service to create something transformational — and I want to sprinkle pixie dust into Milwaukee’s dynamic ecosystem and watch the magic unfold.

If you’re questioning how this kind of shared information helps your agency’s competitive edge, consider that it is not the information you have that makes or breaks an agency, but rather what you do with the information (and a killer brief). If we’re all breaking out of old habits and learning new tricks, then we’ll all get a bit better. After all, a rising tide raises all ships. No secrets will be shared in the process, promise.

If you’d rather, I can do a custom and private full or half-day workshop for your agency or even setup 1:1 sessions for individual people or teams.

Let’s talk. So looking forward to connecting.


Kind words from recent workshop attendees:

“Lynette uses storytelling and simple constructs to engage and inspire. It will leave you buzzing with new ideas and the thirst to identify and apply “juicy bits” to your day-to-day strategic challenges.”

“This workshop helped me remember why I love my job. I felt empowered and ready to tackle my next project.”

“If you feel like your work hasn’t had the same “oomph” that it usually has, and you need a jolt of energy to get your creative juices flowing, attend this workshop. Lynette gives you the tools to crack the code on your next brief, its up to you to use them well.”

“I would tell people that each of us has our own little ways of doing things and we likely fall into patterns with our thinking. This workshop allows us to see the world in a different way and help us look at problem-solving through different lenses. Lynette arms attendees with new ways of thinking and new tricks, and does it all in a positive, affirming manner.”

“I would tell them that it is career suicide to not get this intel. I would tell people that if you have any vigor left in their careers, then this is is a must.”

“The Killer Briefs workshop was a great session for re-energizing creative passion on our team. It is sometimes easy to digress into the morass of day to day assignments – this session helped everyone visualize how to combat inertia and rise above the grind.”

“My poor assumption was that this would be a presentation-style workshop instead of a more intimate workshop – we were pleasantly surprised to find it the later as the small group dialogue provided opportunity for in-depth discussion, Q&A, and even mentorship! Lynette was beautifully warm and incredibly helpful with the content she presented and her recommendations. I would highly recommend this workshop to friends and colleagues.”

“Attending a workshop with Lynette was one of the most refreshing experiences I’ve had. Her well rounded background allows her to advise, inspire, and craft actionable steps unique to the attendee. Even a full day session with her is not enough, she’s a homie who is able to relate to a spectrum of topics. I can’t wait to join her for her next workshop.”


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