88Nine Labs: Hack MKE Music

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Saturday June 9, 2018

Hosted at: 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

9:00 am — 6:00pm

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88Nine Labs Presents: Hack MKE Music

On June 9 – 10, 88Nine Labs will host its first hackathon of 2018, inspired by the announcement of Backline, which is an accelerator for musicians in the Milwaukee area.  The hackathon will take on challenges to help the local music scene with booking, performance & creation, engaging with fans, distribution and more.

88Nine Labs invites coders, designers, and musicians to collaborate on these challenges to help musicians, venues, and the entire local music scene from Saturday, June 9 through Sunday, June 10.

All projects and Intellectual Property built and developed at this event belong completely to the teams. However, to generate the widest benefit from this event, we encourage attendees to provide Open Source licenses for the results of their work.

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*some of these challenges were modified from the recent SXSW hackathon

Creation & Performance

How can technology make the music creation and performance process easier, more innovative and engaging? For example: Is there a way that musicians can use AR to create exclusive content at their shows?


How can technology make the distribution of music and merchandise easier and more affordable for artists? Is there technology that can help an artist reach a bigger audience with their content?

Ticketing & Booking

How can technology help musicians make it easy and affordable to sell tickets to local shows?  How can technology help venues, bookers and musicians make the booking process easier?

Fans & Consumers

How can technology improve the fan’s experience within the local music scene and feel connected to it?

Commerce & Industry

How is money getting to artists and rights holders? Can technology like blockchain help facilitate and manage the process? Can technology help musicians create contracts and get paid from local gigs easier?


How can creators collaborate more easily and more creatively across audio, visual, and immersive fields?



09:00 – Doors Open & Registration/light breakfast

10:00 – Welcome talks, icebreakers, idea formation

11:00 – Hacking Starts

12:00 – Lunch/Hacking

17:00 – Dinner/Pizza

18:00 – Hacking

20:00 – Wrap up hacking for the day


09:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Hacking

16:00 – Wrap up hacking and prepare for show & tell

17:00 – Show & Tell

18:00 – Pizza & Beer

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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