Big Ads, Entitled Opinions: 6th Annual Super Bowl Tweet-Up

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Sunday February 4, 2018

at the TweetupBowl.com

5:30pm — 9:30pm

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With the teams finally set for Super Bowl 52, the only question that remains is “What will the ads be like?”

United Adworkers, Milwaukee’s very own fellowship of advertising enthusiasts invites you share in the snark, critical commentary and biased reviews of the most expensive ads of the year as part of the Tweetup Bowl. Love it or hate it, we want to hear about it.

Join in the conversation or just watch the chaos unfold by following #Adworkers and @UnitedAdworkers. Adworkers commentary by Board members Andy Parmann of EPIC Creative and Dustin Zick of Cramer-Krasselt. 


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