2017 Adworkers Softball League

Wednesday July 12, 2017

at the Various Fields

6:00pm — 8:00pm

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The 2017 United Adworkers Softball League, sponsored by Milwaukee Brewing Company, officially starts on Wednesday, May 10th! Each Wednesday our agencies will take the field at 6pm at various fields throughout Milwaukee. Everyone is welcome to come watch the games, cheer on your team or boo the agency you used to work at. 

The full schedule is below. See clouds or rain in the sky? Always check the field conditions to see if the games are cancelled for the day. 

THANK YOU to our softball commissioner Ryan Day for keeping this league one of the best in the country, listening to commentary from each agency and lending a helping hand when someone is injured. 

Want to join in on the banter? Join the official United Adworkers Softball League Facebook group


July 12th   

  • Rainbow: GMR vs. Laughlin Constable
  • Kern: Cramer-Krasselt vs. Hanson Dodge
  • Kletzsch #1: United Adworkers vs. Brand X
  • Estabrook: Hoffman York vs. Bader Rutter

July 19th   

  • Rainbow: BVK vs. Hoffman York
  • Kern: Hanson Dodge vs. GMR
  • Kletzsch #1: United Adworkers vs. Strangers in the Outfield
  • Estabrook: Cramer-Krasselt vs. Laughlin Constable

July 26th 

  • Rainbow: United Adworkers vs. Cramer-Krasselt
  • Kern: Bader Rutter vs. Laughlin Constable
  • Kletzsch #1: Hanson Dodge vs. Brand X
  • Estabrook: Strangers in the Outfield vs. Hoffman York
  • Kletzsch #3: GMR vs. BVK

August 2nd 

  • Estabrook: Brand X vs. Bader Rutter
  • Rainbow: Strangers vs. GMR
  • Kern: Hanson Dodge Creative vs. Laughlin Constable


September 7th – All-Star Game at Miller Park’s Helfaer Field! This year’s game benefits the United Performing Arts Fund. 

Various Fields

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