January 21, 2020

Welcome to the
New Adworkers.com


I’ve always had a passion for websites. Googling them, clicking on them, the whole thing.

That’s why I’m happy to present a new site for our United Adworkers. It has and will have everything: a direct line to your 2020 Board of Directors, upcoming events, a bulletin with local news and job listings, BoD editorials, and resources to keep you on your game.

You can also get involved by submitting ideas for events and speakers, joining our Speakers Bureau — a shortlist of pros willing to engage with your company or organization, or participating in our Fostership program — professional development that allows career hopefuls to form a personal bond with career newbies.

And, yes, with the help of Manifesto, Nelson Schmidt, and BVK, it’s also a website you can Google and click on.

Like I said: the whole thing.


Ryan Day
Executive Director