February 14, 2020

Social Stategery


Adworkers has always been a place for us to be social. That’s why we’re doubling down on our social media and content efforts in 2020. Starting with a master content calendar, we’ve dug deep into weekly ideas for how our social media accounts and website content can add something unique to your feeds – not clutter it with more industry jargon. Better yet, we’ll have an always-on strategy so that our current members have a place to go for something fresh and prospective members have a reason to join. With that said, here are a few of the many main themes you’ll be able to spot throughout the year:

Rec Sports: Bowling, softball and all other rec leagues are at the core of our club’s social offerings. We’ll be sharing game previews, onsite game photos, and post-game recaps so that players, supporters, and pets can have a chance to follow along or even get in on the fun.

Editorial content: Our community has a variety of experiences and skills. Posing specific industry questions, we’ll take turns offering our hot takes on hot topics (i.e. Does work from home work? Open concept: love it or leave it?)

Big Events: Don’t worry, the MKE99 Award Show, golf outing and new events (no spoilers) will take up serious social real estate this year.

Helpful updates: What does the board do? How do I get involved? We’ve heard these questions, so now we’ll be better at answering them. Look for monthly board meeting recaps, local job postings, and membership sign-up information on the regular.

UA/QA: We have 20 board members with 20 unique stories. Our UA/QA series will give a glimpse at each through 5 questions and 5 answers.

We’ll need the community’s help, too. Tag us (@adworkers) in that bowling boomerang. Contribute to an editorial piece. Include a hashtag (#Adworkers) in your agency’s creative work posts. All of these will help us better highlight the quality people, standout work, and late nights that make our club what it is.