Announcing Your New Adworkers President and 2019 Executive Director

Wednesday October 3, 2018

written by Laura Gainor

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Our club is in for an incredible 2019 as we introduce our new United Adworkers President and Executive Director to start in January 2019.

Thank you to United Adworkers for a memorable 4 years as Executive Director of the club. It’s a club like no other and I look forward to continuing as a member. 2018 was a pivotal year and Krista and Ryan are going to do great things for our community in the coming 2+ years. 

Join us at the 2018 Milwaukee 99 Awards Show on October 11th as we celebrate!

Laura Gainor
Serve Marketing
Executive Director 

Dear United Adworkers,
2018. Rarely does a single year bring on so much change, fear and empowerment all at once. Maybe this change is on time. Maybe it’s late. Either way, it’s here. Movements like #timesupadvertisingrepresent our industry speaking up. People everywhere are finding the courage to confront what we – as advertising professionals – cannot and will no longer tolerate.

This year will shape all of our futures. It also initiates the need for a renewed vision in our club, in our agencies, in our relationships, and in advertising communities everywhere. And honestly friends, that’s one reason why I am here to serve you. 

I am Krista Hansen and I have the honor to serve as your new Milwaukee Adworkers President. I am extremely proud to have the board’s trust to serve this community. 

Understanding our past will guide our future. Reflecting on the remarkable 2018 board and hundreds of invested members, it’s easy to see we’ve accomplished. Equally, this reflection allows us to uncover new opportunities. 

In this next presidential term, we’ll stay true to our roots which celebrate and inspire great work while socializing with friends. But we’re also here to progress and become a stronger club. To do so, we will create more ways to celebrate the great work we all love. We’ll bring in the strongest experts in our industry to inspire and inform. Hundreds of members with thousands of years of collective experience means we’re sitting on a gold mine of knowledge that we must harness. Opportunities to learn from each other, build new avenues of mentorship, inspire change, and educate our community are upon us. And let’s be honest – we truly enjoy the social side of this great club and want reasons to enjoy adult beverages over inspiring conversation. 

WE have an incredible club. One that’s acknowledged across the country. With your collaboration, we can grow our club to become THE industry leader. Now that is something worth investing in, something worth pushing forward. 

Laura, thank you for your commitment to making this club amazing. Your tireless dedication and passion are admirable. We knew we needed someone just as committed, connected and passionate to fill this role. 2019 will present us with our new Executive Director, Ryan Day. Ryan’s talent, energy and humor will serve this club well. We’re going to work incredibly hard to energize Milwaukee Adworkers as we lay the groundwork for years ahead.

This club belongs to all of us. We’re building the future here – for ourselves and young passionate talent everywhere. As your President, I look forward to meeting every one of you and hearing your ideas. Because I believe that together, we can UNITE to accomplish anything. 

Cheers to you all,
Krista Hansen
President / United Adworkers

When I got my first agency gig at GMR Marketing, it was early 2009. I was freelancing as a copywriter AKA temping at a mortgage firm, so when GMR called me, I barely heard their offer before “YES” cannoned out my maw. 

Thank you, Joe Sutter and Krista Hansen.

From day one, I was all-in on agency culture. Funny people, casual attire, free food — it was like they knew me. 

Two and a half years later, I lost my job. Maybe I cared more about making friends than doing work, maybe it was their fault. We’ll never know. 

It did, however, suck. 

But then I was asked to bowl, and in no uncertain terms, just showing up to a regular United Adworkers event altered my personal and professional trajectory in ways that are hard to even fathom at this point. 

It was pretty powerful sh*t, so I got involved. 

I took over the softball league, created the All-Star benefit, bothered the board until they voted me in, launched the kickball league, put the podcast together with Matt McNulty, Evan Stremke and Mike Wisniewski — all while making connections, nurturing career opps, and most important: landing real, honest-to-goodness friends who’ve helped me live my best lifefor nearly ten years.

Because Adworkers aren’t just employees of Milwaukee agencies. We’re a group that highlights the best part of this business: each other. Artists, musicians, writers, entertainers, and so many more — advertising brings us in, Adworkers brings us together.

And that’s what I aim to continue. Wherever you’re at in your career, if there’s anything I can do to make your Adworkers experience as fun, fruitful and inclusive as Heidi Clifton and Laura Gainor made mine, you know where to find me.

See you around,

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