Simple Answers to your MKE99 Entry Questions

Friday June 3, 2016

written by Laura Gainor

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People have a lot of questions about how the 99 show is judged. 
Should I enter the same creative in multiple categories?  
Do they judge the work by category?
Does work in every category win an award? 
Do they really stop a long form video after 2 minutes?
Should I put a border on the work or not? 
If I enter a piece in the wrong category will it be thrown out?
Should I do a video for integrated or social category or just a one page sheet or both? 
Why don’t they select more radio?
Do you really keep the judges in a tiny room judging for 12 hours straight? 

The answer is simple. 
Yes, technically speaking.
It’s a horse apiece.
Both, if you can.
Because most of it sucks.
They let them out for one hour at noon. 

In a nutshell what we ask the judges to do is pick the best 150-160 pieces. They view them in categories but they’re not bound to choose anything from a category. But they do judge their impact and creativity in that category. Then they go through and start the weeding process together as a group. They walk around the room and debate. They throw out exact duplicates of singles and campaigns in different categories. They debate some more. They ask to see videos and radio spots again. They weed some more. And in between a group of Adworkers count what’s left. Round after round, counting until they get to 99. Then they’re’s another recount and it’s discovered we’re still at 100. They debate again. Throw one piece out and we get to 99. 

NOW, Review the Guidelines Carefully.

THEN, Enter the Show

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