Maybe it's time to consider the Milwaukee Portfolio School.

Sunday January 24, 2016

written by Honest Hardworking True

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If you want to work at a top ad agency or design firm and don’t have a portfolio of at least 4 or 5 great campaigns, you won’t get a job. In a business where you’re only as good as your last project… is what you did today good enough to get you a job tomorrow? Look, the people hiring art directors, designers or copywriters want to see that you can design, art direct and write. In just 6 weeks, we’ll have you on your way towards having a book employers are looking for. Don’t believe us? Just ask our former students who landed jobs at Bader Rutter, Boelter + Lincoln, BVK, Cramer-Krasselt, Eichenbaum & Associates, Hanson Dodge Creative, Hoffman York, Jigsaw, Laughlin Constable, Nelson Schmidt, Ogilvy and Theil Design.

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