An Inspirational Adworkers Mentor Program Success Story

Thursday June 25, 2015

written by Laura Gainor

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As a community of advertising professionals that work hard to have a strong future of advertising talent in Milwaukee, one of the intiatives that Adworkers take great pride in is the student mentor program.

We recently were told about an inspiring story that came out of the mentor program and how a local ad professional was able to positively impact the future of a local student from the Art Institute of Wisconsin.

Below is a Q&A from Steve Anderson from Snapifeye and the mentee he was paired with, Jerdari Bradford.

1. Introduce yourself and your profession:

My name is Steve Anderson and I am a Digital Project Manager / Front End Developer atSnapifeye.

2. Tell us a little bit about the mentee you were paired with.

Jerdari Bradford just finished his junior year at The Art Institute of Wisconsin, majoring in Interactive Media.  He plans to become a Front End Developer after graduation

3. Why did you sign up to be an Adworkers mentor? 
I signed up to be an Adworkers’ mentor because it seemed like a good way help someone else and learn something myself.

4. How do you feel you had the most valuable influence on Jerdari, your mentee?
When I talked to Jerdari over coffee I asked him what I could do that would help him the most. He said that introductions to people who hire front end developers, and helping him find his own computer, would be the most helpful. He had been using the computers at school and did not have his own. (He has over an hour long commute to school on a city bus. Imagine how much work that is just to be able to do you homework.)

After learning that Jerdari was learning code and did not have his own computer I contacted Adworkers and Project Community Computers to see if we could find a computer for Jerdari.

My next meeting with Jerdari was at the RokkinCat Hack n’ Tell, which is a quarterly meetup of software developers.  I brought the computer for Jerdari to use.  About half way through the day he asked if I knew where he could buy a computer like it.  Then it was my pleasure to tell him that the computer was his.  He was delighted.  To top it off at the end of the Hack n Tell, the project Jerdari and I created was voted as one of the top 3 projects! It was an incredible experience.

5. Details about Project CC

Project Community Computer is a 501(3c) non-profit that provides computer access to those that have been left behind by technology. You can read about some of the awesome project they do here.

If you would like to help Project CC, you can also donate old computers. More details are on their website.

Thank you to Steven, Jerdari and Project CC for sharing this story and making it possible!

If you are interested in learning more about the Adworkers mentor program, or have a great story to share about your experience, please email Laura at We will have more details about the Fall mentor program later this summer.

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