Letter from United Adworkers

Tuesday May 29, 2018

written by united adworkers

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In light of the resignation of Dan Fietsam as president of United Adworkers, the Board of Directors would like to share additional context surrounding the events and our subsequent actions.

First and foremost, the club is incredibly proud of and thankful for the women who had the courage to come forward to share their concerns.

On May 25, following the events that transpired at the Women in Leadership panel on May 24, United Adworkers asked Fietsam to step down from his role as board president. Fietsam tendered his resignation that afternoon, and United Adworkers published Fietsam’s resignation letter on our website to communicate this change.  We understand that in our haste to post the letter, we unintentionally gave him a platform to defend his actions and address his accusers, for which we are deeply sorry. 

We want to be clear that when Fietsam was elected as Board President of United Adworkers in December 2017, we had no knowledge of any similar claims. When claims were later brought to our attention, information was quickly shared with the appropriate parties to address. None of the alleged events occurred at an United Adworkers event.

United Adworkers is a volunteer organization with the goal of bringing together the Milwaukee ad community and creating a safe place for us to network, share ideas and support each other. It is our highest priority to create an organization where everyone feels protected and to ensure that any actions that run counter to our core values are not tolerated.

We realize that the issue we face today is representative of a larger societal issue. We are committed to understanding how best to handle harassment and the role that United Adworkers plays in helping educate and advocate for the advertising industry at large.

As members within the Milwaukee ad community, we need to work together to become a part of the solution, promote dialogue that encourages thoughtful discourse, encourage awareness and take action to make our ad community a greater, and safer place.



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