Job Description: Executive Director, United Adworkers

Friday August 24, 2018

written by Laura Gainor

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Brief Description:

United Adworkers is Milwaukee’s premier advertising club for professionals and students. Made up of more than 500 members from the Milwaukee advertising community, there is no other independent club like it across the country. It is a group of advertising enthusiasts being creatives, executives, account managers, directors, producers, public relations – anyone interested in advertising.

The club is led by an Executive Director, with the support of a President and Board of Directors.

The Executive Director role is a paid, part-time position. The Executive Director manages the day-to-day operations of the club and works with the President and Board of Directors to execute the club’s mission.


  • Facilitating monthly / bi-monthly Board meetings
  • Bookkeeping, taxes and managing the United Adworkers’ yearly budget
    • Works with United Adworkers Accountant and Payroll Specialist to review monthly expenditures
  • Planning and executing quarterly educational and social events with the assistance of the Board of Directors
    • Includes guest speakers, membership events, annual golf outing, bowling league, softball league, All-Star game, kickball league, trivia nights, Milwaukee 99 Awards Show and other events per the Executive Director’s decisions
  • Plan and executing the annual Milwaukee 99 Awards Show and Hall of Fame Induction event.
    • Includes managing the judging process, securing judges, organizing and setup entries for judging day and preparing top 99 awards and annual book production
  • Managing the Intern and Student Mentorship program
  • Represent the voice of the club by updating the United Adworkers website, social media channels and weekly e-blasts
  • Work with the United Adworkers community to provide funding for social and educational events

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Must have been a member of United Adworkers for a minimum of 3 years
  • Ability to plan and execute events outside of current full-time or freelance/part-time position – some evenings and weekends required throughout the year
  • Team player to be able to work and secure relationships with the Milwaukee advertising community to support our club’s mission and events
  • Ability to manage club finances using Quickbooks – opportunity for training
  • United Adworkers does not have an office location – it moves to where the Executive Director is located (out of their office or home)

To Apply:

  • All interested applicants must receive a letter of recommendation from two (2) United Adworkers members
  • All applicants will be reviewed by the United Aworkers Board of Directors. Qualified candidates will need a minimum of six (6) signatures from the Board of Directors to be considered.
  • Please send your resumes and applications to
  • Included with your resume, answer the three questions below as part of the application process.
    • Why do you want to be Executive Director of United Adworkers?
    • What does United Adworkers as an organization mean to you?
    • What are your three main goals to try to achieve as Executive Director?

Deadline to apply for the position is Friday, September 7th. 

The Executive Director and President will be announced at the Milwaukee 99 Awards Show on October 11th. The position will start on January 1, 2019. 

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