Digital Marketing is Dead? One influential marketer thinks so.

Monday October 14, 2013

written by Honest Hardworking True

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That person would be Procter & Gamble’s global brand building officer Marc Pritchard, who, at a recent conference declared that “Digital marketing is dead.”

Well that wouldn’t raise any eyebrows, would it?

But upon further inspection, it’s important to read his comments in context:

“Build brands with campaigns that matter, make people think and feel and laugh. We have the chance to do all of those things now in a way that is so much more exciting than we did before. So let’s celebrate the end, the death of digital marketing and let’s focus on celebrating the great idea of these brands and let’s leverage the platforms and technologies that allow us to engage with people like we never have before. I’m certain that our brand building teams, our agencies and the people who see our stuff all around the world will thank us for it.”

It’s all part of a strategy he calls “digital back” explaining it this way: “Start in the digital world and build your way back to the rest of the marketing mix. Our best agencies do that right now…it’s an approach that is building our brand equities, our sales and our profits.”

You can read the entire article here.

So what do you think? Are you seeing your clients adopting this type of marketing strategy? Is digital marketing dead? Or is this all nuanced rhetoric?

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