Agency Spotlight: Cramer-Krasselt

Thursday January 12, 2017

written by Laura Gainor

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Before the leaves fell, before the snow came and before this agency won Best of Show at the 2016 Milwaukee 99 Awards Show, Andrew Feller stopped by Cramer-Krasselt so we could feature some of their team members. These talented individuals answered the question, “Why do you like working in advertising?”

We look forward to working with this team as they start brainstorming the theme for our 2017 Milwaukee 99 Awards Show! Call for entries are coming for you in April, Adworkers!


Cramer-Krasselt-Sonya Yagers

SONYA JAGERS (Office Administrator/Proofreader)

When I started working for C-K in 2008, the advertising world was completely foreign to me, and honestly a bit overwhelming. I saw people riding scooters and skate boards all over the office. Loud, but good, music was blaring in the lobby. There was a funky, fun vibe about the office and while it shocked me, I loved every bit of it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was working with some amazingly talented, creative, and fun-loving people who soon became family to me. Everyone, from top to bottom, is encouraged to let their creative juices flow. I’ve never experienced this in any other field but advertising. As a bonus, this is also the only place where my borderline obsessive love of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers is welcomed to the point where I can tape my posters on the wall for all to see…at the front desk. Only in advertising!  


BETSY BROWN (EVP, General Manager)

I love that in our field every day presents a new challenge or a new opportunity.  Coming up with creative ways to solve for these problems requires a diverse group of thinkers.  I’m thankful to be surrounded by them.


MAXX VALENTI (Art Director)

Advertising keeps me engaged. There is always something different and new to tackle. While we still go through daily routines, and grind out habitual meetings, it is the continual need to adapt and rethink our work that keeps us coming back. That voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you THIS is the project – THIS one will be even better than the last one. And it’s that same shared drive in my co-workers that makes my voice even louder and pushes me to come to work every day and try to create something better than yesterday.

BRIAN STEINSEIFER (Senior Art Director)

I definitely love being part of a creative culture and working in a laid back environment – it’s great being surrounded by super smart and insanely talented people who are free to dress and talk however they want, really. I also love that the industry is constantly changing and evolving. Keeps things new and interesting. Oh, and beer.


ERIC EBENHOCH (VP, Account Director)

A really great mentor once told me to be the dumbest person in the room. Little did he know how naturally easy that would be for me. There is such a great mash-up of diverse people in this business that it’s hard not to continuously learn. Every project brings new challenges, people and partners. So chances are if you feel like the smartest person in the room then you’re not listening.



JOE GACIOCH (Media Supervisor)

There’s rarely a day where you’re not learning something new in advertising, which is what I enjoy most. I like getting the opportunity to work on and learn about clients in a wide variety of industries, while also staying current with new media trends. The media landscape continues to evolve, with new connection opportunities presenting themselves seemingly every day. If you’re not staying current, you’re falling behind. The pace of our industry is exciting.


JULIA MATTHEWS (Senior Campaign Manager)

There are many reasons why I love what I do but the biggest by far is the friendships I have made. I feel so lucky to say I work with passionate, hard-working, smart and kind people. People I can be myself around. We all work so hard but also have fun. I am proud to say what I do and who with.


LUCIAN MCAFEE (Vice President, Creative Manager)

I like working in advertising because it can take me across disparate worlds in a single day.


NICKI MORAVEC (VP, Human Resources Manager)

I like working in advertising because of the great people. Maybe it’s cliché for an HR person to say they like people, but I’m convinced I’m working with some of the best. Smart, creative, funny, respectful people who inspire me, challenge me and make me smile every day.

Andrew Feller Photographer

Photos by Andrew Feller Photography



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