UA Member Spotlight Series: Why I like working in Advertising

Friday May 13, 2016

written by Laura Gainor

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We are excited to begin a new photo series right here on our Adworkers bulletin entitled, “UA Member Spotlight Series”. The goal of the UA Member Spotlight Series is to showcase the incredible talent and agencies that are involved with United Adworkers and share the stories of the people and clients who make up these agencies. United Adworkers is thrilled to have commercial photographer, Andrew Feller, volunteer his time to capture this series.

For our first series, we stopped by Thirsty Boy, Boelter+Lincoln and Cramer-Krasselt in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward and asked these wickedly talented members:

“Why do you like working in advertising?”

Thirsty Boy Adworkers

Alex Lahr – Copywriter/Strategist – Thirsty Boy
I enjoy advertising for the same reason a lot of us do: the ability to help people overcome their challenges through creativity. Whether you’re the one creating the idea, the one who sells it, the one who executes the plan or the one develops the architecture that supports it, it’s feels great to help clients achieve something or solve a problem. I also love what huge weirdos we ad types are. The quirks, passions and experiences we make both in and out of the office only help us better achieve greatness for others.

Marisa Strupp – Brand Manager – Thirsty Boy
“I like the change of pace on a daily basis. No two days are the same and each week presents a new challenge in my role. I love that I am able to work with an extremely knowledgable team that helps provide our clients success again and again. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a project you’ve put so much time into for everyone to see and admire. Working in advertising is like sticking your hand in a mixed bag, you’re never know what you’re going to get (and that’s the best part).”

Kenzie Vorass – Art Director – Thirsty Boy
“I like the wealth of knowledge that each project brings. I may not have known much about certain products or industries, but once they become a client we have to become experts. I like the teamwork aspect of being an adworker. It’s interesting what a bunch of different brains in different roles can come up with in order to solve a need.”

Steve Koeneke Thirsty Boy

Steve Koeneke – Founder – Thirsty Boy
What I like about working in advertising:

  • Ideas
  • Dress code
  • Weirdos
  • Clients who take risks
  • Talent
  • Ability to make a difference
  • Parties

Jill Brzeski Boelter Lincoln

Jill Brzeski – President, CEO – Boelter + Lincoln
“What I truly love is the variety.  Not only the variety of what we do for our clients strategically  and tactically, but also the variety of industries we get to work within through our clients’ businesses. One day I could be focused on driving more online reservations to a popular Wisconsin resort, and the next I can be discussing unique packaging ideas for a food or beverage product.“

Sarah Hofman Boelter Lincoln

Sarah Hofman – Marketing Associate – Boelter + Lincoln
“My co-workers and the people I have met through the industry are why I love working in advertising and being a part of the Milwaukee advertising community.  Everyone is a little crazy, a whole lot of fun and extremely talented- making every day a learning experience.”

Dinah Goris CK

Dinah Goris – Senior Broadcast Producer – Cramer-Krasselt
“Advertising is great; as many times as I’ve thought of changing careers, I’ve never had to bother – it just keeps changing for me.”

Timm Gable CK Adworkers

Timm Gable – Associate Executive Producer – Cramer-Krasselt
“I like working in advertising because of the adventure.”

Lucian McAfee CK Adworkers

Lucian McAfee – Vice President, Creative Manager – Cramer-Krasselt
 “I like working in advertising because it can take me across disparate worlds in a single day.”

Andrew Feller Adworkers

Andrew Feller – Commercial Photographer
“As a photographer, I don’t want to just take pictures. I want to change minds, bring stories to light and have the work I create “do something.” The people who work in advertising are just as crazy and passionate as I am. It’s an addicting world to be in because it – and the people – continuously push me to think differently and put my best work out there.”

Thank you to Andrew Feller for lending your creative talents and incredible eye for photography so that we can have this series, highlighting the masterminds behind the extraordinary advertising work that comes out of Milwaukee.

Andrew Feller Photographer

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