Advertising Tax Seminar

Friday August 7, 2015

written by Laura Gainor

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At last, a sales tax seminar just for Advertising! This Adworkers event is being organized with the freelancer, photographer and agency accountant in mind. Get sales and use tax answers to the difficult tax questions regarding how Wisconsin Sales Taxes apply to us. Don’t wait for an audit to uncover unknown tax liabilities. Find out what exemptions you may have overlooked, and learn how the State has revised the rules as they try to keep up with the technology changes within our industry.

For those of you that have questions about Wisconsin Sales Tax, please submit them anonymously through Survey Monkey HERE. We will need to submit questions to the State before the event, withholding all names, of course.

This event will be held in the Fall at Zizzo Group. Stay tuned for more details. Thanks!

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