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United Adworkers is Milwaukee’s very own fellowship of advertising enthusiasts. Creatives, executives, directors, producers — anyone interested in the fine art of propaganda is welcome. Not gainfully employed? No problem. Whether you’re developing, transitioning or transplanting your talents, we’re here — we exist — to help you succeed.

Meet The Board of Directors

Introducing: Your 2019 Board of Director Newbies!

Tuesday November 20, 2018

written by Ryan J. Day

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Adworkers —

It is with giddiness, gratitude and alliteration that Krista and I announce the new arrivals to your 2019 United Adworkers Board of Directors! Let’s all admire their LinkedIn photos:

“Hey, what’s going on with TEN new members, you guys?” Great question.

As we gallop into 2019, here’s what we know: Adworkers isn’t going anywhere, and even more important, we simply must act on the need for healthy, forward-thinking changes in our community — an effort that can only be made together.

At the top of the list: diversity of thought. And not just through wider agency representation (though we’re proud to have more shops repped than ever before), but also through broader human connections and collaborations.

More on that to come, but in the meantime, damn. Let's reflect on this group: two past presidents, community leaders, strategic thinkers, artists, writers, producers, THE WHOLE THING!

We can’t wait to have a great time with all of you. 

Executive Director


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