The MKE 99 Show - 2016


Milwaukee's most prestigious advertising awards. A gotta-go social event. The apex of the United Adworkers calendar. Hall of fame inductions. The Milwaukee 99 is all of these.

Eyeing ad world domination? You’ll have to conquer MKE first.

It's about time to enter your best work from the year into the MKE 99 Show. In just a few days, we'll be showing you how to enter the best awards show in the nation. Just know for now, your entries are DUE ON FRIDAY, JUNE 24th. Students, your entries are FREE, so we'll expect every single student to enter. Details soon on how to enter...

On October 13th we will recognize the 99 best pieces of advertising, marketing and general persuasion at the following levels of accomplishment:

  • Merit: no trophies, but really good work
  • Nuts: the hexagonal objects that line the desks of greatness—gold, silver and bronze are handed out
  • The Wrench: the heavy hardware, given for the Best In Show—if you find yourself holding it at the end of the evening, you’ve done something right

It’s an occasion for a small agency to make a name for itself. And for a big agency burnish its reputation. It’s also a chance for up-and-comers build their names, feed their egos and expand their opportunities.

Yes, the Milwaukee 99 is about winning. But it’s mostly about admiring. And that is the true spirit of the United Adworkers. So when your rival agency takes home a nut for a print campaign you know, deep down, is pretty darn good, there’s no shame in a hand shake and an "atta boy."

THANK YOU to the Hanson Dodge Creative team for designing and illustrating the 2016 MKE99 Show Campaign and Awards Book!

Table and individual ticket sales will be available in the summer of 2016.

Each purchase includes:

Awards showcase
Abundant appetizers (cash bar available)
MKE99 award show annual
Performance by Low Down Sound

Now accepting entries!

Please fill out the form below

Please select what group this work falls under as well as the category. All public service entries use the same categories as consumer.

2016 Milwaukee 99 Entry Fees

To place an ad in our Milwaukee 99 Award Show Annual and be in front of hundreds of advertising whiz kids, download the MKE 99 Awards Book Form for more information and pricing. Sponsors who support our golf outing get 15% off their ad in the MKE99 Annual. Any questions? Contact Laura Gainor at