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Agency Spotlight: Blackbox Visual

Friday July 29, 2016

written by Laura Gainor

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We're excited to bring you another agency spotlight, captured by Andrew Feller Photography!


Blackbox Visual is an independent animation and design studio located in Bay View. Owners Erik Holman and Vassi Slavova  produce a variety of creative projects ranging from corporate explainer animations, music videos, short films, and illustration. As a young, artist-run company, they strive to create meaningful design-driven work for their clients. Both on and off the clock they hope to help grow Milwaukee as an artistic hub by collaborating with other artists, hosting workshops and screenings, and connecting with other passionate, positive people.




I love the fact that no project is alike and I get to design and animate something exciting and different for every new assignment. There is a lot to overcome and find a solution to but we get to do it in a creative way. The endless possibilities, the creative freedom, collaboration and teamwork is what makes our industry so awesome!


For me, the best part about working in advertising is the constant stream of creative challenges doing commercial animation presents. In animation, we control everything the viewer sees, so it’s hard to have “happy accidents.” Everything has to be planned, designed and built down to the smallest detail. My background in traditional art and design makes me look at these challenges in new ways all the time. There is so much data, analytics and strategy involved with advertising, but I also appreciate the human side. I love how anything can have a story, and how things can speak to us without words just by how they look and feel.

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